Owners seeking to purchase or sell real property must ensure through the preparation of a written agreement that the rights and responsibilities they expect to have when selling or buying are in fact set forth in the agreement they sign.

In the event of a dispute related to the ownership, purchase or sale of real property, advice explaining the law applicable to the facts relevant to your dispute, including the strengths and weaknesses of your position in the dispute, must be received as soon as possible. Once you have a good understanding of your legal position you can negotiate and make decisions in a strategic fashion.

Examples of the advice offered by Sanchez Law:

  • Preparation of Purchase and Sale Agreements for commercial and residential real estate transactions
  • Representation during the negotiation process
  • Representation in disputes including litigation and arbitration

Sanchez Law has 30 years of experience in legal representation throughout Florida, working with owners, investors and developers on real estate transactions and providing legal advice before a purchase or sale and when disputes between the parties to the transaction arise including litigation and arbitration.